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Susanne Meisch

Susanne Meisch, M.A.

PhD Student


Dissertations Title

"Living Memory: The Sección XXII and its Fight for Social Justice"

Academic Profile

Susanne Meisch entered the BA North American Studies in 2012 with the minor Art/Music/Theater. Voluntary projects in Mexico led her to place her research focus on the country, especially its relationship with the neighbor in the north and the situation at the border. She wrote her BA-thesis in 2015 (title: Emperor Maximilian of Mexico: A Marionette in History?).
At the beginning of her master’s, she spent one semester in Mexico to participate in the production of a short documentary about the living conditions of coffee planters, for which she received funding from PROSA LMU, the Studienbüro at Faculty 13 and the Alumni Association des Amerika-Instituts München. She wrote her master’s thesis on U.S. immigration laws and how they changed Mexican immigration (title: Roots of the Mexican Immigration Rhetoric: U.S. Policies in Focus).
Since October 2017 Susanne Meisch is doing her PhD about the Sección XXII, a regional faction of the Mexican national teachers’ union, its fight about social justice and the connection to the Mexican Revolution.