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The Class of Culture and History, integrated into the Graduate School Language & Literature Munich, offers graduate students the opportunity to study major issues in the history, culture, media, politics, and society of the United States, Canada and the Americas, including the Caribbean. While the program aims to overcome the customary division between North and Latin America it foregrounds the study of the U.S. and Canada experience. It seeks to frame the American continents beyond their colonial and nation-state boundaries by situating them as a region of global interdependencies.

Candidates may choose to analyze aspects from the social, cultural, economic and intellectual history of the Americas, as well as foreign and domestic policy issues. They will also be able to concentrate on historically prominent issues such as immigration, multiculturalism, urbanization, ethnology, and gender relations.

The PhD program is systematically structured and research-oriented, offering candidates the opportunity to present and discuss their individual research results in regular colloquia, student conferences, and workshops with guest professors. The program provides an ideal environment for doctoral candidates. It offers access to a network of internationally renowned scholars, support for young scholars, and access to local, national and international resources. Moreover, the program is embedded in LMU’s outstanding institutional and research-driven infrastructure. The doctoral program provides a systematic qualification and an established path for the teaching of future leaders in academia, offering as it does a means of reducing the average length of time needed to complete a doctorate. At the same time it raises the qualitative standards of research and providing an excellent qualification in terms of the job market.

The PhD program is compatible with the current PhD regulations (Dr. phil.) of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University. It is designed to accommodate graduate students with national and international BA and MA degrees. The degree program falls under the Faculty of Language and Literature and the Faculty of Cultural Studies and the Faculty of the LMU.